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Redbor Kale


Redbor’s finely-curled, deep red leaves are sweet and tender. The leaves may be steamed, braised, stewed, fried, sautéed, and even baked like a chip. They are great in hardy soups which contain smoked meats, potatoes, beans or barley. Other flavor affinities include, bay leaf, oregano, thyme, red pepper flake, nutmeg, shallots, onion, tomato, sweet potatoes, cheddar cheese, Parmesan, cream, roasted meats, chorizo sausage, pancetta and chicken.

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Darkest red color of all kale’s which is darker and sweeter at the same time. The splendid red leaves make excellent garnishes – they even look good in flower arrangements. Add finely chopped Redbor kale leaves to salads, or use the whole leaves cooked or in smoothies for a delicious blast of nutrients. A single serving of red kale contains 150mg of calcium, and that’s 15% of the recommended daily dosage.

3 reviews for Redbor Kale

  1. James Koster

    Could not believe the fresh taste and sweet in compared to those found in big box store.

  2. Cobus Bester

    Used in dishes such as Caldo Verde (“green soup”) with potatoes and sausage.

  3. Magnus

    Very ornamental with dark purple leaves. The leaves taste good too!

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