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Oregano is also used in Mexican, Turkish and Greek cuisines to season sauces, meats, chicken, salads and seafood. Oregano is often sprinkled over Greek salads and adds a nice taste to feta cheese. But use a light hand as it can dominate the fresh salad flavors. Oregano goes well with such flavorful ingredients as black olives, anchovies, sheep and goat cheese, and lemon.


When you’re looking for an intense herbaceous flavor, fresh oregano is a great choice to pair with meats, vegetables, and pasta dishes.. Fuzzy green leaves with pungent earthy flavor and small white flowers.

3 reviews for Oregano

  1. James Koster

    This herb is especially flavorful and I would highly recommend it to a first time user.

  2. Cobus Bester

    All time favorite! These ones NEVER make it to the fridge :). I snack on em every time I walk into the kitchen.

  3. Stuart

    Wonderful company with quality products and reasonable prices. We keep coming back, again and again and…

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