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Lacinato Kale (Dinosaur)


Delectable kale that has been a mainstay of Italian cuisine and international fine dining since the 1700’s. Heirloom variety that delivers the best tasting leaves you will ever eat. Leaves are very long and slender, reaching 2 feet long but just a few inches wide, with a heavily savoyed texture that looks almost bubbled. They range from blue-green to darkest forest-green to nearly black.

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These leaves are harvested from underneath, at the base. Lacinato Kale is prepared just like other varieties. Although it can be eaten raw, it is more frequently blanched and then used in soups, stews, casseroles, and side dishes. It holds up well to reheating, keeping both its color and flavor nicely.

1 review for Lacinato Kale (Dinosaur)

  1. Coen Jacobs

    A great kale for this area. The only place where I can get a year long supply of fresh local kale for my juice.

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