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Parsley – Giant of Italy

Huge dark-green leaves with great flavor. Strong, upright stems make Giant of Italy one of the best parsleys

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This is one beautiful, bushy plant, with strong, upright stems and oversized dark green leaves — in other words, more of the great fresh parsley flavor you love! Leaf size makes for easy chopping. Used widely in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Leaves are high in iron, as well as vitamins A, C, and E. Fresh or dried for all of your culinary uses including tabouli salad and roasted new potatoes.

1 review for Parsley – Giant of Italy

  1. Maria

    The leaves are a little stronger than curled parsley and maybe more pungent than Italian flat leaf, but still very pleasant. The best thing is that the leaves are delicate so no leathery bits if you chop and sprinkle over cooked dishes which can be a problem

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